Competitive Skating Programs
Competitive Programs

On-Ice Classes

  • Individual Competition - An artistic program set to music of the skaters’ abilities and talents.
  • Showcase Event - A program with the emphasis on the entertainment value that usually has the same theme for music and costume.
  • Interpretive Events - A program where the skater choreographs their own performance
  • Small Ensemble Showcase - 3 or 4 skaters perform together in a group
  • Moves in Field Events - The skater will simply showcase their jumps, spins and foot work
  • Individual Compulsory Elements - The skater will only use half the ice to showcase talents and no music is used

Off-Ice Classes
Off-ice training will help the skater improve their strength and abilities on the ice.

  • Physical Conditioning
  • Strength Training
  • Jump Training
  • Stretching and Flexibility training
  • Core class
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Cardio training

Off-ice dance training will help the skater improve posture as well as give them the ability to use their bodies to express themselves when they perform on the ice.

  • Ballet
  • Lyrical Modern
  • Jazz and Hip Hop

Every year we have a Christmas and summer figure skating show. These shows will give the skaters a chance to showcase their talents on the ice with an amazing costume and routine set to music. We also do group numbers so that the skaters can have fun performing with their friends and family. These shows are for skaters of all ages and abilities!


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